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Founded in July of 2020 amid rising tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan, ASA United was formed and its Constitution was adopted to unite student efforts toward the Armenian Cause through three pillars: advocacy, professional development and networking, and academic excellence.

Since our founding, we have united 62 official chapters (including your school's Armenian club) and recruited 90 ASA United Representatives from across America to work in our committees. We collected over $26,000 in 3 weeks during the July Tavush attacks, connected our following with educational posts that were distributed among thousands of people around the world during the war, and released a statement calling for unity after the Nov. 9 agreement. But our work has only just begun.

Beyond the grief, shock, and diasporan paralysis that cloud the current moment, there lies a sunlit path toward a new future for our nation. Being the torchbearers of our ancestors who rebuilt a nation from a point of near extinction, ASA United is committed to walking down this path as a united coalition of dedicated, hardworking, and innovative Armenian American students. 

Armenians, United, Will Never Be Divided
Հայեր Միացած, Երբէք Չբաժանուած

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